Pirouette de L'amour. (Wedding gift commission)


Pirouette de l’amour. Pirouette de l’amour. (2)

Pirouette de l’amour.


Overall Age. Notes on construction


The base is a brass draw knob rescued from an old set of draws that were about to be burned and dates from around the 1920s or 30s, the forks and spoons are anything from the late 1800s to around the middle 1930s. The key top is brass hand cast and is at least Victorian but possibly much older.  So the average age is around 100 years old. All of the component parts have been cold bent by hand and then polished.  I find that annealing silver plate to make it more malleable can cause it to lift from the base and bubble slightly so I don’t bother with it. Four forks gave their lives in the making of this piece before I could get it right but they will find life in another project. It has taken days and days of design, trial and error and construction but was fun to do and is genuinely a unique one off work of art. The box that it comes in was once a shoe box. Nothing is ever wasted.




Love is the strongest element in the Universe and yet the most fragile of things. We spin in unity surrounding ourselves with love for protection and sometimes the smallest of things can unbalance us and cause disarray in our lives and so we spin, in love and unity. Everything we see then is always new, a mystery that is revealed and shared as one.


The very point at the base of the two lovers, on which they spin, represents the fragility of love and the care to be taken to keep everything in balance. The key at the top of the piece represents the key to the mysteries of life and love that are unlocked when two in love share their lives and secrets. The cage surrounding the two lovers represents the protection of love that we surround ourselves with so that one can spin in safety and security within the world that two lovers make.

Pirouette de l’amour. (8) Pirouette de l’amour. (10) Pirouette de l’amour. (11) Pirouette de l’amour. (14) Pirouette de l’amour. (8) Pirouette de l’amour. (6) Pirouette de l’amour. (7) Pirouette de l’amour. (5)

This tiara was made as a special commission for a wonderfully creative individual living in London. I’ve used the idea of natural shapes and forms in nature and as the inspiration for the name of the tiara, The Land Beyond the Trees. Which is the familiar name translated into English for Transylvania. A very green, mountainous and picturesque country and the feature of many fairy tales and legends. Overall age average of the materials is about 115 years old. Now then, I've more or less just added most of the pictures that I took of this item, so as to give different perspectives. All of which can be seen on the jewellery page.

The Land Beyond the Trees

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