The House of Dead Dolls

We had better start off with an explanation of the dolls that I recreate. They are mainly old Cindy or Barbie doll types which are abundant everywhere and once remodelled are generally called OOAK dolls (One of a kind dolls). Overwhelmingly they appear as zombies or mad doctors and witches etc and I have remodelled a few in that style but everything is more than It can be and so I try to make something new and not just fall into the zombie theme as an easy art job. I'm happy if the result disturbs me a little or makes me smile and even more so if the same result is achieved in others.


The Bride

The Bride and Groom.



The Groom The Bride and Groom

The Bridesmaid. Grace Light.

Bridesmaid bridesmaid2 kung fu Mary

Kung Fu Mary

Bitch Light

Bitch Light

Bitch Light 2 Bitch Light 3 Crows 1 Crows 2 Crows 3


Ikea 1 Ikea 2 Ikea 3


spider and fly 1 spider and fly 2 spider and fly 3 spider and fly 4

The Spider and the Fly

Avenger1 Avenger3 Avenger2 Avenger4

The Avenger

My Madness1 My Madness 4 My Madness 6

My Madness, I'm so glad that I've found you.